WHO urges nations to fight COVID-19 surge

2022-07-10 British government introduces 3-level COVID-19 alert system UK urges businesses to prepare for end of Brexit transition Think tanks issue grim unemployment warnings WHO warns against 'herd immunity' Europe eyes stricter measures as countries set all-time daily records WHO urges nations to fight COVID-19 surge New three-tier local lockdown system introduced in UK Radiohead guitarist tries self-playing guitar WHO Conference: director general criticizes herd immunity Senior EU official says UK-EU trade deal 'difficult but still possible' UK coronavirus cases top 600,000 EU insists on UK deal enforcement powers UK records spike in alcohol, drug abuse amid virus outbreak Boris Johnson criticized as local virus lockdowns loom for UK UN chief welcomes ceasefire TB injection may help curb COVID-19 Johnson and Macron discuss EU deal Virus cases increase worldwide At least three-quarters of Britons fail to self-isolate: report